We apply the bulk blending technique for preparing fertilizer. This technology was developed in countries applying scientific agriculture such as the U.S., Israel, etc.

It involves the physical mixing of raw materials manufacturing fertilizers.

  • Urea with low biuret 0.2% kok.2 ~ 4 mm
  • Methylenourias usability (slow release)
  • Ammonium sulphate 100% u / d coke 2 ~ 4 mm
  • Phosphate and ammonia type 20-20-0, 11-15-0
  • Map and dap as a source of phosphorus.
  • k2so4, kcl as potassium source
  • Series micronutrients Fe, Zn, Bo, Mg etc grain size 2 ~ 4 mm

All these materials have u / s 95 ~ 100%, a level not approached by chemical fertilizers manufacturing. We have the most advanced and reliable production line in the Balkans.

Thereby ensure:

  • Flexibility in the title of fertilizer.
  • Very high ability types hence cheaper fertilizers.
  • Fertilizers absolutely checked granulometry 2 ~ 4mm. in each material.
  • Fertilizers complete absence of dust due to the specific kidnappings – dust filters that exist throughout the production line.

All these result in the mixing tank control is with electrical systems and not manually. Eventually the product is packed with latest technology and machinery to sophisticated palletizers. The material of each sack has excellent fluidity and excellent physical properties which make sure the totally uniform dispersion of the material in the field.

The excellent packaging material guarantee complete protection from the sun fertilizer (UV protection in each bag) as well as humidity and general deterioration.

The final bagged product has excellent physical properties:

  • From excellent granulometry and similar or identical specific gravities of raw materials
  • Complete absence of agglomerates and dust
  • Excellent liquidity
  • Extremely low friability
  • Excellent packaging, especially
  • Absolute identification of nutrients with the title mentions the sack.

Them to be sure you are buying pure fertilizers rather inert ingredients in the nutritional value of raw materials.

The most reliable composite fertilizers in the Greek market.

We are the first choice for those who apply scientific agriculture in their cultivation fertilizers Halkidiki.

Suggestions for lubrication precision accuracy and not in any particular soil conditions

The balance in the relationship quality – price