Quality fertilizer

The establishment of ‘LIPASMATA CHALKIDIKIS SA’ came to meet the needs that exist in the marketplace. Its founder, Mr. Stavros Vogiatzis foresaw the importance of operating as a manufacturing plant that will provide comprehensive coverage to farmers both in terms of selling fertilizers, and services that help in efficient crop.

The company was founded in 1998 and beginning in June 1998 the construction of owned facilities, in New Tenedos, Chalkidiki, consisting of an industrial building 5,850 sqm and 99 sqm office space. The construction of the aforementioned buildings are privately owned plot of 32. 625 sqm

In the meantime, he installs modern technology and equipment.

The construction was completed in January 1999 and begin production in February of that year.

The bulk of the raw materials required are imported from abroad in granular form. The production process is fully automated and supervised by a skilled workforce.

The mixing of the materials, weighing, bagging and palletization of the final product is automated.

Individual production process is as follows:

  1. Introduction to process the main material constituting the mixture
  2. Removal of the crushed material
  3. Measurement of the required dosage of the mixture
  4. Bagging
  5. Transportation and storage of finished product

The production is planned and edited by people with knowledge and experience on the subject aimed at continuous improvement. The company’s activity does not stop here. Has developed a sales network consisting of seven agronomists who are active in the following areas: Fthiotida, Thessaly, Macedonia, Thrace and Halkidiki.

Meeting the needs of farmers to fertilizer requires knowledge of the soil, for greater efficiency per cultivated acre. Towards this direction guided by the company. For this reason not only about the finished product production concentrated in content elements, which is a new method of fertilizer production in Greece, but studying and planning the production of organic and water soluble fertilizers.

The aim is to achieve maximum benefit from the use of fertilizers, as established by the rules of the existing EU and national legislation.

The firm company policy FERTILIZERS CHALKIDIKIS SA, which shares and understands the needs and concerns of producers, because of the large experience of Mr. Vogiatzis on issues relating to agricultural sector as a whole , has managed to put a solid foundation in the relationship between the company and its productions.

On its part, the company offers full support to growing needs, with regard to lubrication, which culminates in the founding of the modern Soil laboratory providing detailed soil analyzes.

The rapid development and the dynamic presence of the company on the day of establishment, have offered the largest market share in the region of Halkidiki.

Result of the above is buoyant financials of the company, which in 2000 achieved a turnover of 4,198,617,445 drachmas (12.321.695 €), compared 1.999.146.330 (5.866.900 €) to FY 1999. For the current year the company anticipates an increase of turnover, which is expected to reach 5 billion drachmas (14.675.000 €).