The “GROUP COMPANIES S. VOGIATZIS” with a legal representative Mr. Stavros Vogiatzis, consists of four companies based in Greece and active:

  1. In the area of agricultural trade
  2. Construction
  3. In energy production
  4. In developing proprietary stores catering

Launched in 1989, the grain trade with the company “MYLONNAS – Karabournaki GP“.

In 1996 he spearheaded the establishment of the “AGRODYNAMIKIS EPANOMIS SA” and valorose in the grain distribution market by integrating it into the top ten of the major companies in this market.

Headquartered in Epanomi Thessaloniki and has owned facilities: administrative offices, three warehouses and eight total silo capacity 16.320k.m. in an area of ​​21 acres.
Its main activity is the production and marketing of grain and seed large crop (wheat, barley, cotton, corn, oats, etc.).

After 2 years, in 1998, he is inspired the support and nourishment of every culture and establishes the company “LIPASMATA CHALKIDIKIS SA” as a complex dense fertilizer production unit, providing farmers with comprehensive coverage and service in terms of quality and in terms of price.

The company today has to its credit a total 59.000m2 private land of which occupy 19.000ra2 owned facilities consisting of industrial plants, warehouses and administration offices.

The mechanical equipment is sophisticated and high production capacity, since it consists of six automatic packaging lines, dual mixers and palletisers, while the production process is automated and supervised by a skilled workforce. This ensures quality production speeds up to 800MT in 8 hours

The raw materials required are introduced in granular form and are qualitatively better in the worldwide market.

Continuing in 2000, Stavros Vogiatzis with his company ​​”LIPASMATA CHALKIDIKIS SA” completes modern fully automated production unit crystal – liquid and foliar fertilizers hitherto in granular form and hotline fertilizer production in a small package for coverage the needs of the amateur gardener, the housekeeper.

In this way, the ​​”LIPASMATA CHALKIDIKIS SA” ensures economical products for the producer (farmer) and better results in crops.

In 2002, the restless spirit of creativity and pushes him to the foundation construction company named “THEMELOS” which engages in construction of buildings, shops and residential units and high-class and luxurious.

All structures are in privately owned lands and plots of Thessaloniki province in standard manner and entire regions are upgraded with new construction standards. Provides originality in design and practicality of residential housing units with emphasis on quality of life and respect for the environment with a view to positioning the company in the top ten construction companies for homes in Northern Greece.

With significant presence of companies in various exhibitions and belief in quality, service, competitive prices, wide range, adjusting, strength and knowledge continues the rapid growth of the Group in Greece and the Balkans.

For the “Group Company S. VOGIATZIS” have been many reports in several popular newspapers.